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Classes For Children & Teenagers

Online Classes – 100% virtual program

Receiving language classes online is a reality. At Fluentli we have been implementing this option since 2018 and it has been very convenient and satisfactory for our students, since it allows them to make better use of their time, without sacrificing results.

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Fluentli Institute of Foreign Languages | Panamá

Language learning for Teens (11 to 16 years)

The “Language learning for Teens” is an interactive course which includes a complete package of Foreign Language studies in the areas of listening, speaking (conversation), reading and writing. 

Students are evaluated through controls, oral presentations and receive an evaluation at the end of the program. The emphasis of this course is conversation. 

Students will have the opportunity to engage in academic activities to develop fluency in the language and topics that are interesting to young people of these ages.

Learning is done through the following activities (among others):


The program is structured in 5 modules: beginner, basic, intermediate and advanced. Each module consists of 4 levels, except for beginners who have 2 levels.

Fluentli Institute of Foreign Languages | Panamá

Summer Classes

The summer Language programs for children and teenagers of Fluentli, are designed so that during the months of January and February our students learn or improve their Language in a fun environment.

Space for summer programs is limited, we recommend registering in advance.

Fluentli Institute of Foreign Languages | Panamá

Private Classes - Children & Teenagers

Our programs are designed to accommodate private lessons, so you can now have monthly package options for your private lessons.

You can opt for any of our programs, classes for little ones, classes for Children or classes for Teens, among others.

To complete levels in any of the programs requires 24 to 30 hours of continuous classes.

Schedule: to be defined between both parties.
Modality: Online with live teacher via Zoom.

Beginner 1-2
(2 modules of 3 levels each)
(2 modules of 3 levels each)
Advanced- 5-6
(2 modules of 3 levels each)